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Have you ever noticed those unique tees and hoodies with a big “V” on the back? That’s VLONE, a renowned streetwear brand celebrated for its one-of-a-kind and fashionable apparel.

They specialize in comfortable tops like tees and hoodies but with a unique twist that sets them apart. If you’re a teen or young adult passionate about streetwear fashion, VLONE could be your perfect match.

VLONE’s collection isn’t about clothes; it’s about making bold statements and embracing a fresh streetwear style. Their tops are a prime example, offering many options to elevate your look. Here’s a breakdown of the top styles VLONE offers, designed to suit every individual’s unique fashion sense.

Types of Vlone Tops:

Vlone Shirts & Tees

Black Vlone x Swavorski Friends T-Shirt

VLONE tees are a must-have for any streetwear lover. They boost the classic tee with bold logos, artistic designs, and pop culture references. Our tees are made from premium cotton for softness and comfort. VLONE shirts come in relaxed or oversized fits, giving you that signature laid-back streetwear look.

Vlone Hoodies

Black VLONE x Juice WRLD X Rider Hoodie

Real VLONE doesn’t disappoint with their hoodies, a must-have for any streetwear aficionado. Whether you need warmth for chilly days or want an edgy touch to your outfit, VLONE’s got you covered.

Vlone hoodies are crafted with high-quality fleece for long-lasting comfort and coziness. The signature oversized fit relaxes you, and the “V” logo ensures everyone recognizes your VLONE style.

Vlone Jackets

Vlone Neighborhood Skeleton Leather Jacket

VLONE jackets are not only for tees and hoodies but also complete your streetwear look. Expect the same bold graphics and oversized fits you love but with a premium twist. Leather and denim jackets elevate your style while keeping you warm.

Vlone Sweaters

Black Vlone x Saint Mxxxxxx CLF Knit Sweater

Looking to stay stylish in cooler weather? Check out VLONE sweaters! Choose from classic crewneck or pullover styles that keep you cozy and chic.

Our crewnecks, made with soft knits or blends, keep you comfortable without sacrificing looks. VLONE has a sweater to match your style, whether you prefer a subtle logo or a bold graphic design.

Vlone Tracksuits

Craving ultimate comfort and effortless style? VLONE tracksuits are your answer. Featuring matching tops and bottoms in bold graphics or colour combinations. They let you lounge in style or make a statement wherever you go. VLONE sweatsuits offer both comfort and durability.

Vlone Long Sleeves

Vlone X Saint Mxxxxxx Bone LS T-Shirt

We offer a variety of long-sleeve options alongside its t-shirts and hoodies. Vlone long sleeves are great for layering during cooler weather or adding variety to your wardrobe.

What are VLONE Tops Made Of?

VLONE takes pride in using high-quality materials for their tops. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

Cotton: We craft many of our t-shirts from cotton because they are breathable and comfortable. It’s also soft and durable, so your VLONE tee can last long with proper care.
Fleece: This cozy material is often used in VLONE hoodies and sweatshirts. Fleece’s warmth and softness make it ideal for colder weather.

Price, Quality & Comfort

The materials used in VLONE tops affect your experience:

  • Comfort: High-quality cotton and fleece feel great against your skin. Breathable cotton keeps you cool, while fleece provides warmth.
  • Quality: Good materials make a difference! VLONE tops with quality materials will likely be more durable and keep their shape for longer washes.
  • Price: Using premium materials adds to the cost. Our tops might be pricier than some other brands due to the focus on quality materials.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Here’s the deal with VLONE sizing:

  • They might run larger: Compared to some other brands, our tops, especially hoodies and sweatshirts, can have an oversized fit. It is part of their signature streetwear style.
  • Check the size chart: VLONE offers a size chart on its website. It’s your best friend when figuring out the perfect fit!
  • Consider the desired fit: Do you like your clothes loose and comfy? Then, stick to your usual size or size up with VLONE. If you prefer a more fitted look, you might consider going down a size.

Vlone Collabs Tops

VLONE collaborates with several famous brands to create special top collections. These collaborations feature unique designs that combine VLONE’s style with the collaborator’s. Past collections include Palm AngelsCity MorgueSaint MichaelOff-White, etc.

In Conclusion

VLONE tops offer a unique fusion of bold designs and undeniable streetwear credentials. Whether you’re sporting a graphic tee or a cozy hoodie, our tops are bound to make a statement.

We invite you to delve into VLONE’s collection online at, where you’ll find many pieces waiting to be discovered. Get ready to be intrigued and excited by what you see!